2137 Staff

2137 RCACC Staff

Major Julie Sun, our Commanding Officer (CO) and Webmaster/Social Media Co-Ordinator is a commissioned Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and serves our Corps as a Cadet Instructors Cadre (CIC) Officer. She is one of a slowly dwindling population of Calgarians who were born and raised in Calgary. Major Sun joined the Calgary Highlanders Cadet Corps in 1997 at the urging of her younger brother, Don Sun, who thought it would be a good learning experience. Her brother reached the rank of C/CWO and was the RSM of the Corps. She started out as a Civilian Volunteer (CV) working for us as an Assistant Supply Officer before joining the Canadian Armed Forces and becoming a commissioned Officer a year later. Major Sun then spent 4 years as our Training Officer and supported our training programs by serving as: Star Level Officer, Platoon Commander, and Assistant Training Officer. She also served as the Pipes and Drums Officer, as well as our Unit Human Rights Advisor. Major Sun took over as our Commanding Officer (CO) in 2009. At the end of her term as CO, she continued to serve our Corps as our Training Officer for a year before accepting her appointment as our Deputy Commanding Officer (DCO). She has also served as the Administration Officer (AdminO) from 2012 to 2017. From September 2013 until March 2014, she was the Commanding Officer of the 2509 Signals Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps here in Calgary. On May 4, 2017, she has once again taken on the reigns of Commanding Officer and was promoted to her current rank a few weeks after. In 2011, Major Sun was awarded her Canadian Decoration Medal for 12 years of service in the Canadian Armed Forces.
Major Sun holds a Bachelors of Commerce degree, majoring in Management Information Systems from the University of Calgary. Upon graduation, she worked as a Desktop Technician and a Business Analyst for Bell Canada before moving on to Long View Systems, an information technology consulting firm, as a Systems Consultant. At Long View Systems Major Sun was a Desktop Support Technician, Application Support, Application Packaging, Change Co-Ordinator, and a Service Desk Team Lead. She also worked on various projects aimed at improving customer service and process efficiencies at the Service Desk. When Major Sun is not working, she loves playing Ultimate Frisbee and volleyball. She is also a “Trekker” who has gone to several Star Trek conventions and to the Calgary Comic Expo where she saw the reunion of the entire Next Generation cast. Major Sun really enjoys playing board games (7 Wonders, Puerto Rico, and Lords of the Waterdeep being a few of her favorites) and has even attended PAX Prime - *Nerd Alert.* She is married to Kailen and have an uber adorable Juniorette and equally cute Baby Honk Honk. As CO, she is responsible for managing the professional development of our staff and ensuring we all work together effectively as a team. Major Sun is one of the first points of contact for new cadets. Thanks to her technical savvy, we are fortunate to have her serve as our Social Media Co-Ordinator. Look out for her Tweets and Facebook posts on what's happening with our Corps!

Lieutenant(Navy) Stephan Lataille joined 2137 RCACC Calgary Highlanders in May 2017. Formerly from the Sea Cadet Corps 22 Undaunted and then as a specialist for RCSU North-West Region, he now works as your Training Officer.

What is his role at the Corps and how does he help me in my Cadet life? Lt(N) Lataille is the Training Officer (TrgO), like a ‘school principal’ who coordinates the training prescribed by the Canadian Cadet Organization. That training is the requirement so you can progress in the Star Level Program and your ranks.
Your training includes all lessons taught on Thursday evening during parade nights AND training weekends (bivouac, orienteering, marksmanship, biathlon, winter FTX, etc.)

Lt(N) Lataille and his team, Lt(N) C. Ogilvie (A/TrgO) and the Level Officers work very hard to offer a wide variety of fun activities so you can obtain a cool experience while you learn! He also tracks all your progress so you can get your rewards, qualify for summer training opportunities and expeditions, etc.

What are his specialties?
Range Safety Officer (Air Rifle and Small Bore) - run Range exercises and competitions
Marksmanship Instructor (Air Rifle and Small Bore) - Coach to build rifle teams from Zone competition to Nationals
Biathlon Instructor - Assist Captain Ellis in coaching biathlon (shooting)
Biathlon Official - Official for biathlon competitions
Orienteering Instructor - Run Orienteering races, map and compass, landscape interpretation
Flat Water Canoe Instructor - Introduction to canoeing and canoe expeditions on flat water
Tender Officer in Charge (on training) - Can act as Officer of the Watch/Bridge watch keeper on PCT Orca
Small Group Facilitator - Can train Year 5 Cadets during Y5 workshops
Expedition Team Leader - Train cadets during Expedition Weekends

Who is he in civilian life and where does he come from? Lt(N) Lataille was born in Quebec in a small city where the main activity was shipbuilding. He is from a family of long tradition in the world of shipbuilding. He joined sea cadets as soon as he could and developed his skills at shooting and drill instructor.
When he aged out, he became an Earth scientist and developed observation technologies using airborne digital sensors and satellite to monitor lakes, rivers and oceans. He then worked as a researcher for the Royal Military College in Saint-Jean in the Aerospace Department, also working as one of the first Trg Os of the newly developed Aerospace Summer Training for Air Cadets.
He moved to Calgary and worked as specialist in developing land resource mapping and peacekeeping monitoring technologies using complex digital sensors, a profession he is still involved in since then.
Lt(N) Lataille is the proud father of three adult children. All of them share his passion for the sea, for shooting, for disc golf and for strategy games.

Second Lieutenant (2Lt) Peter Jenner reached the rank of Petty Officer Second Class with the 244 Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps Harwood, in Ajax, Ontario. He started his training to become a commissioned officer and member of the Cadet Instructors Cadre (CIC) with 707 Marion Orr Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron, where he advanced to Training Officer. After moving to Alberta to seek employment, Second Lieutenant Jenner landed in Strathmore and decided to try a new career direction by serving in an Army Cadet Corps. After a brief period working with the 2554 Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry Cadet Corps, he transferred over to our corps and is currently our Stores Officer. A Licensed Automotive Mechanic turned Security Dispatcher for the Calgary Airport, 2Lt Jenner brings a wide array of experiences and knowledge to the Corps. 2Lt Jenner has a 2 year old son, William with wife Amanda, and enjoys spending time with family, doing handy work, and is an avid computer hobbyist.

Officer Cadet Collin Cadotte first got involved as part of the cadet movement in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He was a cadet in 407 Queens Own Cameron Highlanders RCACC. He moved to Calgary in August of 2010. In September of 2011 until January of 2013, he was a Civilian Volunteer (CV) with 2137 RCACC as a star level instructor for Green and Red star cadets. After taking a leave of absence he enlisted in the Canadian Armed Forces Cadet Instructor Cadre. OCdt Cadotte is currently our Administration Officer. As the Administration Officer, he looks after all matters pertaining to corps documentation and cadets' personnel files. In his spare time he volunteers with Alberta Search and Rescue as part of the Foothills Search and Rescue (FSAR) team.

Major (retired) Robert Craddock CD is our Civilian Instructor working with National Star Level Cadets. He was a Cadet in 1712 RCACC in Edson Alberta, finishing his Cadet Career as a Master Cadet and Staff Cadet at The Commonwealth Caribbean International Cadet Camp at Teteron Barracks, Chaguaramas, Trinidad and Tobago. Major Craddock holds Bachelor degrees in Psychology and Social Work as well as a Masters Degree in Pubic Administration (ABD). He retired from the Canadian Armed Forces in January 2017 as J3 Operations Advisor (Land) for RCSU NW. Major Craddock is a former commanding Officer of 1292 RCACC, and was CO here at 2137 RCACC on two occasions: June 2006 - May 2009 and in 2014. He also did terms at RMNACSTC as OIC Operations and Security, Adjutant and A/Ops O; and was Senior Staff for RCIS(NW) for many courses. He served as Honorary Aide De Camp for the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta from 2010-2015. He is Partner Emeritus at Key Consulting Group and worked in leadership and organization effectiveness for over 30 years. Robert has also been a volunteer with Scouts Canada for 40 years and in 2016 was elected as a member of the Board of Governors of Scouts Canada and now also serves as member of the Governance Committee of that Board. He is passionate about Leadership Development in Senior Cadets and about preparation to be an outstanding citizen of Canada. If he’s not hiking, kayaking, fishing, SCUBA diving, shooting or travelling — he’s getting ready to.

Gerald Downey is a Master Warrant Officer (MWO) in our affiliated unit, the Calgary Highlanders Infantry Regiment. MWO Downey serves as our Corps’ Cadet Liaison Officer. His many years of service as an infantry soldier and his military knowledge, experience and wisdom are very valuable resources available to all of us, Cadets and staff included. MWO Downey helps our Corps by teaching, coaching and mentoring Cadets and staff, particularly our most senior Cadets on how to better perform their duties and lead by example as non-commissioned Officers.

Civilian Volunteer (CV) Jim Anderson was a Cadet in our 2137 Corps from September 2008 to May 2014. While with our Corps he reached the rank of Master Warrant Officer (C/MWO) and instructed many current and former cadets. CI Anderson graduated from the Criminal Justice program at Lethbridge College and while a student he volunteered as a Civilian Instructor (CI) with the #2296 Army Cadet Corps in Lethbridge. After graduating he returned to our Corps and has been working as a member of our training staff, using his extensive Cadet knowledge and experience to help our most senior cadets with their leadership and instructional skills. CI Anderson was voted the Best Cadet Instructor by his peers and subordinates at the our Annual Ceremonial Review (ACR) in 2013 and served as the Master of Ceremonies for the parade. He is always happy to answer any questions parents may have and, having been a cadet, loves to see others get involved in the Cadet program. As a Cadet, CI Anderson specialized in marksmanship, completing the Air Rifle Marksmanship Instructor Course and teaching the Basic Marksman Course at Vernon Cadet Training Centre (CTC) camp as a Staff Cadet.

Civilian Instructor (CI) George Scott is our Red Star Level Officer as well as a Biathlon coach for the corps. This is his 5th year working with the coprs. Previous to this year, he worked as the Stores Officer and a Platoon Commander. CI Scott is a retired MCpl from the Canadian Forces. He joined a few years after he graduated high school and spent 7.5 years in uniform. He was a Platoon 2IC and Section Commander with 15 Field Ambulance. He has worked in city hospitals and is presently a letter carrier with Canada Post. Civilian Instructor Scott has also worked with Scouts Canada and Calgary Bantam Football as a trainer in the past.

Donna Lagasse has been a Civilian Volunteer (CV) since 2012, when her oldest son joined the 2137 Corps. Her youngest son joined the Corps a couple of years later. She started as the Parents Association Committee (PAC) communications specialist, helping Cadets, their parents and Officers stay informed by sending out weekly information emails. It was also during that time that Ms. Lagasse began accompanying Cadets on Field Training Exercises (FTXs) to help increase the female adult to female cadet ratio. In 2015 her role expanded to include assisting the staff with the behind the scenes administrative functions. While never a Cadet in her youth, she should have been. Ms. Lagasse loves the great outdoors and all it has to offer….okay, not bears…but everything else. Cadets are not the only ones who look forward to the FTX’s. Yes, even the winter ones. Beyond the outdoorsy stuff, she loves vintage muscle cars, live theatre and bands, furry critters (again, not bears), amateur photography, stand-up comedy and a good ol’ hockey game. Ms. Lagasse’s family owns ATV’s and loves playing with them in the mud, although they regret not getting out more often. She holds a restricted firearms license and has been a member of The Shooting Edge since 2012. Ms. Lagasse’s civilian work career has involved computer sales (remember the Apple IIe and the 128K Mac?), office administration, inventory control, logistics, and informal project management – all excellent background and preparation for all her current roles with the Corps.