2137 Staff

2137 RCACC Staff

Major Miroslav Novak, CD, joined 2554 PPCLI CC in Calgary as a cadet in 1977. He enrolled in the Cadet Instructors List (now the Cadre) in 1983, volunteering in various positions at 2554. In 1987 he left 2554 for a full-time position as a Directing Staff at the Regional Cadet Instructors School (Prairie) Penhold, AB until 1990. Capt Novak returned to Calgary in 1993, and became Commanding Officer of 2554 from 1994-97, after which time he took a break to focus on family and work.
Maj Novak returned to the Canadian Cadet Organization in 2010 and volunteered with 2137 Calgary Highlanders CC. He was appointed in 2011 as Commanding Officer of 1292 LdSH(RC) CC located in South Calgary. Capt Novak was appointed Deputy Commanding Officer, Vernon Army Cadet Summer Training Centre for the summer of 2014.
Maj Novak graduated from the University of Alberta with a BSc (Psychology) in 1992, and also attained a Diploma in Justice Administration/Police Science from Mount Royal University, and a Diploma in Object-Oriented Software Technology from the University of Calgary.
Maj Novak enjoys sailing, orienteering, biking and skiing with his family. He lives in Calgary, with his wife Kelli, and two sons, Grant and Mark. Kelli and Grant are both CIC officers, and Mark is in his final year at 22 Undaunted, as the Coxswain.

Captain Julie Sun, our Deputy Commanding Officer (DCO) and Webmaster/Social Media Co-Ordinator is a commissioned Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and serves our Corps as a Cadet Instructors Cadre (CIC) Officer. She is one of a slowly dwindling population of Calgarians who were born and raised in Calgary. Captain Sun joined the Calgary Highlanders Cadet Corps in 1997 at the urging of her younger brother, Don Sun, who thought it would be a good learning experience. Her brother reached the rank of C/CWO and was the RSM of the Corps. She started out as a Civilian Volunteer (CV) working for us as an Assistant Supply Officer before joining the Canadian Armed Forces and becoming a commissioned Officer a year later. Captain Sun then spent 4 years as our Training Officer and supported our training programs by serving as: Star Level Officer, Platoon Commander, and Assistant Training Officer. She also served as the Pipes and Drums Officer, as well as our Unit Human Rights Advisor. Captain Sun took over as our Commanding Officer (CO) in 2009. At the end of her term as CO, she continued to serve our Corps as our Training Officer for a year before accepting her appointment as our Deputy Commanding Officer (DCO). She has also served as the Administration Officer (AdminO) from 2012 to 2015. From September 2013 until March 2014, she was the Commanding Officer of the 2509 Signals Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps here in Calgary. In 2011, Captain Sun was awarded her Canadian Decoration Medal for 12 years of service in the Canadian Armed Forces.
Captain Sun holds a Bachelors of Commerce degree, majoring in Management Information Systems from the University of Calgary. Upon graduation, she worked as a Desktop Technician and a Business Analyst for Bell Canada before moving on to her current position as a Systems Consultant with Long View Systems, an information technology consulting firm. At Long View Systems Captain Sun was a Desktop Support Technician, Application Support, Application Packaging, Change Co-Ordinator, and a Service Desk Team Lead. She also worked on various projects aimed at improving customer service and process efficiencies at the Service Desk. When Captain Sun is not working, she spends the Fall and Winter Season playing volleyball at the Volleydome and the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons playing Ultimate Frisbee through Calgary Ultimate Association and Calgary Sports and Social. She is also a “Trekker” who has gone to several Star Trek conventions and to the Calgary Comic Expo where she saw the reunion of the entire Next Generation cast. Captain Sun really enjoys playing board games (7 Wonders, Puerto Rico, and Lords of the Waterdeep being a few of her favorites) and has even attended PAX Prime - *Nerd Alert.* She is married to Kailen and have an uber adorable Juniorette. As DCO, she is responsible for managing the professional development of our staff and ensuring we all work together effectively as a team. Captain Sun is one of the first points of contact for new cadets. Thanks to her technical savvy, we are fortunate to have her serve as our Social Media Co-Ordinator. Look out for her Tweets and Facebook posts on what's happening with our Corps!

Second Lieutenant (2Lt) Neal Stubbs is the Officer-in-Charge of our Drill Team, which trains on Monday nights. He has been a member of our Corps staff for 7 years and before that he was a Calgary Highlanders Cadet in our Corps. Second Lieutenant Stubbs served in the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves, earned his commission as an Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces and joined the Cadet Instructors Cadre (CIC). He uses his extensive knowledge of and experience with military drill to train, coach and sharpen the performance of our Drill Team.

Second Lieutenant (2Lt) Peter Jenner reached the rank of Petty Officer Second Class with the 244 Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps Harwood, in Ajax, Ontario. He started his training to become a commissioned officer and member of the Cadet Instructors Cadre (CIC) with 707 Marion Orr Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron, where he advanced to Training Officer. After moving to Alberta to seek employment, Second Lieutenant Jenner landed in Strathmore and decided to try a new career direction by serving in an Army Cadet Corps. After a brief period working with the 2554 Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry Cadet Corps, he met with our Commanding Officer, Major Novak, and accepted an appointment as our Corps Green Star Officer. Second Lieutenant Jenner also works as an instructor with the 3125 Calgary Highlander Army Cadet Corps in Chestermere. Both Highlander Corps appreciate the refreshing, different perspective he brings to our Army Cadet Corps thanks to his time in Sea Cadets and Air Cadets. For entertainment Second Lieutenant Jenner enjoys target and trap shooting, handy work and playing video games.

Officer Cadet (OCdt) Chrisopher Pawelko is the Level Officer for the Silver Stars. Officer Cadet Pawelko joined the 2137 Calgary Highlanders RCACC staff in September 2012 as the Assistant Stores Officer. Officer Cadet Pawelko joined the Canadian Forces Primary Reserve (Communications) in 1989 as a Radio/Teletype Operator and finished in 1996 as a Master Corporal. In his military career, he was deployed to various Regular and Reserve Force units in Canada and Europe. A graduate of SAIT in Telecommunications Engineering Technology; his civilian career has taken him all over North and South America and Europe. In his civilian career he had trained 2000+ technicians, technologist and engineers in Telecommunications and related technical courses. He currently works for Telus Communications as an Engineering Tech – Design.
When not at Cadets, he spends time with his son and two daughters, out on a lake trying to catch the big one, hiking the pathways around Calgary or with camera in hand trying to get the best photo ever.

Gerald Downey is a Master Warrant Officer (MWO) in our affiliated unit, the Calgary Highlanders Infantry Regiment. MWO Downey serves as our Corps’ Cadet Liaison Officer. His many years of service as an infantry soldier, and his military knowledge, experience and wisdom are very valuable resources available to all of us, Cadets and staff included. MWO Downey helps our Corps by teaching, coaching and mentoring Cadets and staff, particularly our most senior Cadets on how to better perform their duties and lead by example as non-commissioned Officers.

Civilian Instructor (CI) Jim Anderson was a Cadet in our 2137 Corps from September 2008 to May 2014. While with our Corps he reached the rank of Master Warrant Officer (C/MWO) and instructed many current and former cadets. CI Anderson graduated from the Criminal Justice program at Lethbridge College and while a student he volunteered as a Civilian Instructor (CI) with the #2296 Army Cadet Corps in Lethbridge. After graduating he returned to our Corps and has been working as a member of our training staff, using his extensive Cadet knowledge and experience to help our most senior cadets with their leadership and instructional skills. CI Anderson was voted the Best Cadet Instructor by his peers and subordinates at the our Annual Ceremonial Review (ACR) in 2013 and served as the Master of Ceremonies for the parade. He is always happy to answer any questions parents may have and, having been a cadet, loves to see others get involved in the Cadet program. As a Cadet, CI Anderson specialized in marksmanship, completing the Air Rifle Marksmanship Instructor Course and teaching the Basic Marksman Course at Vernon Cadet Training Centre (CTC) camp as a Staff Cadet.

Civilian Instructor (CI) George Scott is our Red Star Level Officer as well as a Biathlon coach for the corps. This is his 5th year working with the coprs. Previous to this year, he worked as the Stores Officer and a Platoon Commander. CI Scott is a retired MCpl from the Canadian Forces. He joined a few years after he graduated high school and spent 7.5 years in uniform. He was a Platoon 2IC and Section Commander with 15 Field Ambulance. He has worked in city hospitals and is presently a letter carrier with Canada Post. Civilian Instructor Scott has also worked with Scouts Canada and Calgary Bantam Football as a trainer in the past.

Civilian Volunteer (CV) Natalie Humble started in the Cadet program with the 1390 Red Deer Artillery RCACC from 2008 to 2013. She aged out with the rank of Chief Warrant Officer (C/CWO) and held the appointment as the Regiment Sergeant Major (RSM). After moving to Calgary, Officer Cadet Humble began working on becoming a commissioned Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and serving as a Cadet Instructor Cadre (CIC) Officer with our Corps. In civilian life she works for Scouts Canada. Civilian Volunteer Humble enjoys having fun in the outdoors, particularly mountaineering and mountain biking. She is very passionate about art and music. As a cadet, Civilian Volunteer Humble focused on the music side, attending the Cadet Honor Band every year and many military ceremonies and funerals where she would perform the Last Post. She is currently helping our Corps as our Gold Star Level Instructor, our Drill Instructor and our Pipes and Drums Officer. Civilian Volunteer Humble is very excited about teaching our Cadets and passing on the knowledge, excitement, and passion that she experienced as a Cadet herself.

Donna Lagasse has been a Civilian Volunteer (CV) since 2012, when her oldest son joined the 2137 Corps. Her youngest son joined the Corps a couple of years later. She started as the Parents Association Committee (PAC) communications specialist, helping Cadets, their parents and Officers stay informed by sending out weekly information emails. It was also during that time that Ms. Lagasse began accompanying Cadets on Field Training Exercises (FTXs) to help increase the female adult to female cadet ratio. In 2015 her role expanded to include assisting the staff with the behind the scenes administrative functions. While never a Cadet in her youth, she should have been. Ms. Lagasse loves the great outdoors and all it has to offer….okay, not bears…but everything else. Cadets are not the only ones who look forward to the FTX’s. Yes, even the winter ones. Beyond the outdoorsy stuff, she loves vintage muscle cars, live theatre and bands, furry critters (again, not bears), amateur photography, stand-up comedy and a good ol’ hockey game. Ms. Lagasse’s family owns ATV’s and loves playing with them in the mud, although they regret not getting out more often. She holds a restricted firearms license and has been a member of The Shooting Edge since 2012. Ms. Lagasse’s civilian work career has involved computer sales (remember the Apple IIe and the 128K Mac?), office administration, inventory control, logistics, and informal project management – all excellent background and preparation for all her current roles with the Corps.

Civilian Volunteer (CV) Doug Jessen re-joined us in February of 2010 after a brief hiatus. He is our Inventory Officer. CV Jessen was an Air Cadet in his younger days and has a huge passion for history. Look for him in a classroom near you!

Heather Malone is a screened Civilian Volunteer (CV) who comes to us from a Royal Canadian Regiment (RCR) family in the London, Ontario area. She was born into an Airborne RCR family at Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Rivers, Manitoba, home to the first Canadian Joint Air Training Centre (CJATC). CV Malone served with 4RCR as an non-commissioned officer NCO) before relocating to Calgary, Alberta. She has been working as a high performance alpine ski coach with the Canadian Ski Coaches Federation for the past 20 years. For 24 years CV Malone instructed and coached alpine downhill racers from the youth level up to advanced alpine racers competing in Giant Slalom (GS), Slalom and Combined races in North America. She also worked for two National Sports Federations in major sports sponsorship and fund development roles over a 10-year period. CV Malone is in her second year coaching our Biathlon Team, focusing on strength training and conditioning. Her coaching expertise, dedication and enthusiasm has grown our biathlon program to a team of 12 Cadets. Our Biathlon Team competed at their first Zone Championship as a young junior team, thanks to her leadership and guidance. After living and working overseas as an ex-patriot (Ex-Pat) Canadian for over 8 years in Palma Majorca, Spain and Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), CV Malone now makes Calgary her home.

Boris Trnavskis (“trun-off-skiss”) is a screened Civilian Volunteer (CV) working in Clothing Stores; assisting on field training exercises; and instructing Cadets. For 10 years CV Trnavskis served as a commissioned Officer in the Calgary Highlanders Infantry Regiment. He was tasked with mountain adventure/warfare training and was the regiment’s physical fitness training and testing officer. In the 1980s CV Trnavskis led groups of Turner Valley Calgary Highlanders Cadets on mountain adventure hikes and backcountry ski outings. More recently he served on the Calgary Highlanders Regimental Association Board for 8 years. Prior to joining our staff, CV Trnavskis was a screened parent volunteer with Captain Jackson Navy League Cadet Corps. For the past 9 summers he has conducted outdoor adventure training activities at Me˛otne, a camp in Washington State for children with a Latvian heritage. CV Trnavskis was a Queens’ Scout with Bushman’s Thong, the highest level achievable in Canadian Scouting and served as an Assistant Rover Scout Leader in Toronto. He has been climbing mountains and back country skiing for over 50 years, mostly with the Alpine Club of Canada (ACC), Canada’s national mountaineering club, which awarded him Life Member status. CV Trnavskis has completed survival courses from the Alberta Civil Air Rescue Emergency Service and the Alpine Club, and in June 2014 completed the Canadian Red Cross Wilderness and Remote Area First Aid and CPR/AED Level C course. He holds an Honours B.A. (Waterloo), M.A. and multidisciplinary Ph.D. (Calgary) in Air Transportation Planning (Transportation Geography, Transportation Economics and Transportation Engineering), Canadian and U.S. Pilots’ License and a U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Advanced Ground Instructor Certificate. CV Trnavskis spent 15 years teaching, mostly at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) in Daytona Beach, Florida, and 16 years in aviation related management positions and international aviation consulting. As an Associate Professor at ERAU, he taught aviation management, economics and planning related subjects to undergraduate, MBA and MSTM students, senior aerospace engineers working for NASA and its contractors at the Kennedy Space Center. Some positions CV Trnavskis has held include: Director of Economic Planning at Pacific Western Airlines in Calgary; Director of Transportation Planning at Aviation Planning Services, Ltd. in Montreal; Vice President Forecasting & Research for The Boyd Group/ASRC, Inc. in Evergreen, Colorado; and Senior Vice President at Roberts, Roach & Associates, Inc. in Hayward, California. He has completed aviation consulting assignments in Belgium, Canada, Denmark, England, Germany, Guinea-Bissau, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Peru, Portugal and the United States. In June 2014 CV Trnavskis earned a Master of Strategic Studies (MSS) degree from the Centre for Military, Security and Strategic Studies (CMSS), University of Calgary. He maintains membership in the Calgary Highlanders Regimental Association, the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the 3rd Marine Division (United States Marine Corps) Association, the #264 Royal Canadian Legion, the Royal Alberta United Services Institute (RAUSI) and the Alberta Gymnastics Federation. Blessed with good health, at age 72 CV Trnavskis stays active and fit by climbing mountains, backcountry skiing, running and recreational gymnastics at the University of Calgary.