2137 Colour Party
From the Annual Inspection in 1986.
From left to right, the Colour Party members are 
Ed Lazich, unknown, Dale  Horton, 
unknown, Geoff May.

Band display at the 1986 Final Parade. 
Pipers Michael Dorosh, Jody  Marchuk
and Jimmy Jacques.
The civilian is Cory Marchuk, Jody's brother,
who was later a cadet in 2137 very briefly.

Banff Springs Highland Games, September 1986.
From left to right, Michael Dorosh, Greg Gorman, 
Robert Cater, Jody Marchuk, Ed Lazich

Cadet Colin Emerson, taken during the 1984-85 training year

Final Inspection for the 1984-1985 training year
Cadet at left is Robert Cater, later Corporal Robert Cater
of the Calgary Highlanders. Second from right is myself Cadet Michael Dorosh.

Final Parade, 1984-1985 training year. 
The inspecting party is Cadet Lieutenant Goulecke 
(back when they had such things!) 
and Cadet Captain Stanton 
(now Captain Stanton of the King's Own Calgary Regiment) 
with the reviewing officer, Lieutenant Colonel
Dennis, CD, Commanding Officer of the Calgary Highlanders. 
The second from the left in the rear rank is yours truly, 
Cadet Michael Dorosh, now Corporal
Michael Dorosh, CD of the Calgary Highlanders.